During the year all the work done in the vineyard is important to get a good and balanced result. The beauty of the natural environment in combination with the lovely weather, outdoor work becomes more pleasant and stimulating. The months July and August are a little different. The high temperatures hinder physical activity but, fortunately, in those months there is not much work to do. The plants do it all by themselves and the grapes are maturing. However, the only thing that takes place in this hottest period of the year is the harvest.


An overview of the growth of the vines during the 4 seasons of the year.







Preferred varieties that can be planted in Andalusia are prescribed by regulation. Based on the options, we have chosen for originally French varieties, because we ourselves love the wine made from these grapes.


The Chardonnay grape has a shiny gold color. It is probably the most famous grape in the world. It gives a wine with much character and it is still refreshing (if it is not matured on oak).


The Merlot is a very popular grape. It does not have a very thick skin why it matures early. The juice is lush and has a relatively high sugar content. The smell and taste are mainly identified by cherries, berries and plums.
Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is like the two other varieties very well-known and is called the Emperor among the grapes. The maturation process is very important and slow. It gives a relatively full taste and a dark color. The smell reminds of black currants and chocolate.



As ripening progresses, a representative quantity of grapes from across the vineyard are picked to measure sugar content in the juice by using a device called a refract meter. This process is repeated until the grapes are mature enough and the juice has reached the desired sugar content. This combined with the right color brown of the seeds is the moment of harvest. Harvesting the grapes is hard work and gives fun at the same time. The thick bunches are challenging on the plants and if you are lucky a box is quickly filled and a new one follows. Winemaking requires hard work, but also a lot of patience.

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