´A pure authentic product of nature´

The Chardonnay develops in a stainless steel tank only, not on oak and delivers a wonderfully fresh wine every year.

Since 2018 we do not grow Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon anymore, but we still have the production of previous years. The Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon has developed in stainless steel tanks during 18 - 24 months and were not filtered in order to maintain their optimal flavour and colour. This may mean, that some sediment will occur in the bottle, which does not affect the taste of wine. The last phase of developing takes place in the bottle.

Given the natural process of our wine making, sulphites are not added.


After harvesting, the red grapes are taken from the stalks, bruised and transferred to a stainless steel tank for the fermentation.

During fermentation the sugars are converted into alcohol and the so called ´hat´ will be regurly broken.

The juice extracts the flavor of the skins from the grapes and so get the wine its taste.

Depending on the amount of tannins in the wine, it will be pumped to another tank and gets get oxygen which is good for the development of the wine..

Once fermentation is completed and all sugars are converted into alcohol, skins and seeds are removed from the stainless steel tank.



Each harvest is formed by nature, like the sun, the rain, the wind, the warmth, the cold, the soil and of course the vines itself. Not one day, week, month or year is the same. This makes each harvest unique. All without adding anything neither at the vineyard nor in the bodega makes also our wines unique.
Prepared for tasting


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